Recruitment Outlets

There are numerous recruitment methods that can be utilized for your research project.

Some common recruitment methods include the following:

  • Epic recruitment prompts- Customized Epic programming (derived from your study eligibility criteria) will allow for a study alert that will appear in Epic during a routine office visit. The subject’s clinician will present a brief overview of the study, based on information provided by the Study Principal Investigator (PI), and gauge the parent or subject’s willingness to learn more about the study. If a parent or subject does express interest in the study, the primary care clinician denotes this in the study alert and the response is then saved. PeRC study staff can generate a query and subsequent spreadsheet of those families or subjects that requested to be contacted about the study. Contact information for those interested will be provided to the study team for follow-up. Here is a screenshot example:

KISS Screenshot

  • Onsite recruitment- Clinical schedules can be combed in order to target specific study populations. We can provide rosters of these subjects and upcoming appointment dates/times and locations to maximize recruitment.
  • Letters/fliers- Rosters can be provided so that invitation letters can be sent to those families. The Medical Director or Lead Physician signs the invitation study letter from the practice where the subject is followed and it is counter-signed by the study PI. This helps reassure the family that their primary care practice supports the project.

 Many practices are often supportive of posting fliers for studies in the waiting rooms of their practices.

The PeRC team will work with you and provide advice regarding the best option to meet your project goals.

**All methods mentioned above should be made clear in your study protocol and no research related activities will commence until IRB approval is granted**