Pediatrics Research Consortium (PeRC)

The Pediatrics Research Consortium (PeRC) supports effective research within the Children’s Hospital community by coordinating our extensive practice-based research network (PBRN). We cater to the diverse needs of the three main parties that benefit from practice-based research: 1) Researchers, 2) Care Centers and Practices, and 3) Patients and Families.



PeRC works with researchers from a variety of specialties who are committed to improving care for patients and their families.

Care Centers and Practices

Care Centers and Practices

31 primary care pediatric practices in both urban and suburban locations help comprise the CHOP Pediatric and Adolescent Care Network.

Patients and Families

Patients and Families

The CHOP Care Network provides high quality care to a very diverse mix of patients and families.



Total number of accepted peer-reviewed publications supported by PeRC since inception.


Number of active research studies in PeRC.


Number of new research project requests through PeRC in 2016.


Number of accepted peer-reviewed publications supported by PeRC in 2016.


Number of grass-roots research projects conducted by pediatricians in the CHOP Care Network.